November 18th, 2012

Thankyou so much again to we have been given the opportunity to watch the premiere that was held in Moscow on the 15th. Jonathan is absolutely on top form in this I so enjoyed watching it and seeing him bouncing around the red carpet and smiling. He appears at about 7:40 and is in the majority of the video until the end. Enjoy it!


  • Nov 18, 12Natasha says:  

    Jonny, he’s just the best! Such a nice, polite! Knowing what he’s tired, I’m surprised his patience! Dear Jonny, take care! You are our sunshine!

  • Nov 18, 12omnomnom says:  

    Is he EVER patient! I would of ran away from all those crazy fans! 😉 hahaha!I’re going to have to fix the color of these text boxes I can’t see a thing! 🙂

  • Nov 18, 12Sunflower says:  

    Nice that he did take a time for fans.

  • Nov 18, 12Helen says:  

    @Natasha – I said the same I was like he’s getting sick now but he still carried on having photos taken with fans. He’s just so kind and lovely.
    @omnomnom – I know will change the colour of the text tomorrow. I would’ve too! You could tell he knew it was getting crazy when he said ‘Calm down I’m not going anywhere’ Bless him 🙂
    @Sunflower – Yes he’s great with fans he really is

  • Nov 19, 12Do You Jive says:  

    So lovely to see him again. As beautiful on the inside as on the outside. Sit down, haters. What an incredible man.

  • Nov 20, 12Helen says:  

    Notice how many people he turns down. A grand total of 0. Yep, take a seat.

  • Nov 24, 12crazydaze says:  

    What a gracious man! One of the many reasons I adore him.

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