October 6th, 2012

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  • Oct 06, 12Caroline says:  

    So can’t wait to see this film hope it come to London soon . Love the pictures

  • Oct 08, 12carmen says:  

    I can´t imagine another actor making fifty shades of gray, I read the book, Jonny is perfect, he is Cristian, his mouth, his walk, do not you think? We could do a campaign for it to work, what you think?

  • Oct 08, 12Helen says:  

    @Carmen – I was told by someone who recently met Jonny that he didn’t really want to play Christian Grey as she asked him :]

  • Oct 08, 12carmen says:  

    Hi Helen , this is very sad …….when I read the book, I can not imagine another, but thanks for answer and congratulations for your site

  • Oct 09, 12Marion says:  

    That makes me really very proud of Jonathan, that he don’t want to play Christian Grey. This is only a little soft porn and has no quality. I think he has another ambitions for his career. He is so much more than only sex :-))

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