So sorry for the delay in the pictures being uploaded, I’ve not had time to call my own since Friday evening. I just want to start by thanking Norway for giving the cast but most of all Jonny and Victoria a lovely welcome to there country and to the fans for either sending me pictures with Jonny or who posted them on there social media accounts. There wasn’t many pictures around the internet that were particularly decent quality but thanks to Mary I have 5 in HQ that I was unable to grab and I hope you enjoy working your way through what I was able to get. Everyone who posted fan pictures have been credited and you can find your credit by clicking on the thumbnail to see the intermediate picture and it will be below.


  • Aug 26, 13Vanessa in SoCal says:  

    He looks healthy and happy.

  • Aug 26, 13Тамара says:  

    Heien !!! Спасибо огромное, вы супер, отличная работа для поклонников Джонни, всегда восхищаюсь вашей работой !!! Отличные фото !!!

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