Whilst browsing on Twitter I came across this gorgeous picture that I had not previously seen until now and I believe it was taken in 2008 roundabout the same time that Jonny did the TV Guide shoot with Natalie Dormer. The photographer goes by the name of Joseph Cultice and I think it is a stunning shoot. The picture has been added to the gallery

  • Jul 03, 13jrmfan says:  

    Hello Helen,

    find a beautiful Picture of JRM:


  • Jul 06, 13claudia reyes says:  

    Happy Birthday I hope u have the best day ever with ur fam. n friends to my surprise I will be celebrating my sons b-day too only he will be 9yrs. old soooo I will wish both u and my son the best b-day wish comes true

  • Jul 09, 13Martina says:  

    Hello I am looking forward to the film Dracula sooo much. When it will be available in central Europe??

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