December 31st, 2012

Bill Dawers who was a journalist for a now defunkt magazine found an interview not long ago which he did with Jonny that had never before been published until now. He has now kindly typed it up for us to read and you can now find it on his blog here

At the time of this interview, Rhys Meyers had just finished playing Steerpike in the mini-series Gormenghast, but it had not aired in the States yet. As I waited, I figured there was at best half a chance that Rhys Meyers would show, but he breezed in a few minutes later, looking pleasantly disheveled and a little wary, wearing a black jacket over a sleeveless t-shirt. Carrying a bag of his own, he likely looked at least as itinerant as I did. In my notes, I later wrote: “Totally genuine. Easy to engage, hard to interview.”


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