Sorry for the lack of updates lately but as you are aware Jonny is busy filming Dracula right now so there really isn’t an awful lot to post. I have went through every category I could to see if any albums could be updated with HQ pictures to replace MQ or watermarked versions. The following have now been updated with more to come once I am able to get hold of the higher quality versions. Enjoy!


Candids > 2011 > Out in London - NOW IN HQ
Candids > 2012 > Venice Beach - NOW IN HQ
Public Appearances > 2012 > Place for Peace Dinner - NOW IN HQ
Photoshoots > 2005 > Uli Weber - NOW UNWATERMARKED
Photoshoots > 2005 > Lorenzo Agius - NOW UNWATERMARKED
Photoshoots > 2006 > Julian Broad - NOW UNWATERMARKED
Photoshoots > 2006 > Unknown #01 - NOW UNWATERMARKED
Photoshoots > 2008 > TV Guide Photoshoot with Natalie Dormer - NOW IN HQ

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  • Apr 08, 13lisa diesel says:  

    I think Jonathan would be perfect playing the lead singer in Incubus, if there was ever reason to….

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