Jonathan recently took part in W Magazines ‘Pillow Tweets’ featuring other celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Milla Jovovich, Naomi Campbell, Luke Evans and Rita Ora. We have what can only be described as a stunning now untagged picture from the shoot with Jonathan wearing a Burberry London suit and his own boots. The full sized HQ version can be viewed in the gallery and should any outtakes surface they will also be added. The magazine is available to buy now. Does this shoot remind you of any in particular?

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On Wednesday Jonny was spotted out and about London with Russian model and TV presenter Marinika Smirnova. HQ pictures can be found in the gallery

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Thanks to a very generous person who got into contact with me I have been able to replace and add some very rare UHQ/HQ versions of past photoshoots to the gallery. I had a hell of a time trying to get these and some other pictures I will be uploading soon so please don’t remove my tag as I will know where it has come from and that it has been removed. I have no problem with you guys saving them and using them on Instagram/Tumblr etc as that what they are there for but when I’ve spent over $200 on getting these ones in particular I’d absolutely love if my tag could please be left on and credited where appropriate. I’m not a complete meanie but if I have to I’m going to have to start for asking for site donations as I can’t afford to be keeping this up

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The finale of Dracula is upon those in the US. I can’t stress how important it is to try and watch this live and to not DVR record to prove to NBC we want another series of the show. Please spread the word about it to friends and family even if it means them just having it on in the background and aren’t interested every single viewing figure counts especially when the fate of it is currently undecided. Thanks guys!

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Filmography > Dracula (TV) > Screen Captures >1.09 Four Roses [+350]

Well it’s all change again. Seeing as though Dracula is almost finished *crying* I thought it would be a great time to put up the new themes made by my wonderful friend Lora. I couldn’t decide what pictures to use then someone contacted me to say she had some pictures I may be interested in that are hard to get in HQ and the one I eventually decided to use has always been a favourite. It was taken by the photographer Philip Gay back in 2006 and I just love the half light half dark look. I think Lora has done just a perfect job and she already knows this due to the amount of times she got emails saying how much I loved it. I have LOTS of updates ranging from unseen candids which also include new additions to albums already in the gallery, photoshoots with additions and the replacment of MQ pictures in the next few weeks. If you spot any errors I’m sure you all know how to contact me and hope you all really love our new look as much as I do

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