From what I can gather from this article, according to them Belle Du Seigneur is due to premiere in Russia in just over a months time on October 4th. You can read more information about it below :]

Source; Kinopoisk

I have added 2 new HQ stills to the gallery. Enjoy!

Belle Du Seigneur (2012/13)

I finally got round to finishing off screen capping The Disappearance of Finbar in which Jonny had his first lead role at the age of only 17 or 18 at the time of filming.

The Disappearance of Finbar (1996) – 223 added

A friend of mine is trying to gather messages together for when Dracula starts filming as we hope it is being done in London and if it is, we are hoping to go to the set to meet Jonny so it can be given to him personally rather than posted to the fan mail address

I’ve no idea if I will have the chance or be lucky enough to meet Jonny if he is filming in London but I am hoping to try and make it happen. So I am thinking of putting together a book of Good Luck/Congratulations on New Film Roles/Good to Have You Back on Our Screens type messages from fans and being able to hand it to him personally.
If for any reason I’m not lucky enough to find him I would still pass on the messages to the Official Fan Mail address – I thought it would be a nice thing to do seeing as he has been away from us for a while now and to let him know how pleased we are for him and happy to see him again.
I am happy to take any messages to include in the book – I don’t mind heartfelt messages but please nothing too personal related to Jonny I will have to let you know if I need to edit or give you chance to alter your words if I think it’s not quite what I’m aiming for in the book.
Pictures will be ok too and maybe it would be nice to put where you are sending your message from seeing as Jonny has so many fans around the world.
I’m sending this early I know he prob won’t be filming until end of the year but I know how long these things take to put together and I’m just giving myself some time to get it done. Hope people like the idea and will participate you are a supportive group of people so I know you’ll like the opportunity to show some love smile
Please PM them to me if you would like to at an email address I have created

Many thanks, you’ve got some time to think what you’d like to write but not too long now ;)

Best wishes
Gina (Jonathan Rhys Meyers Appreciation Group on Facebook)

I know a lot of people have done this in the past and I contributed to the last one Gina did but her designs really are lovely and the more the better. In case you can’t see the email to send your messages to its – if you would rather send them to us the link is at the bottom of the page at ‘Contact: Here’ and I will forward the messages :)

I’ve had to re upload the On The Set pictures of Belle and also the stills because we had some problems with the picture files. Everything should be fine now and you should be able to see the actual picture and the thumbnail properly now :]

Gallery Link:
Filmography > Belle du Seigneur > Stills [+036]

I’ve added the screen captures to the gallery of the second episode from the second season of The Tudors. Enjoy!

Gallery Link:
The Tudors > Season 2 > Screen Captures > 2.02 – Tears of Blood [+517]

Gallery Link:
Public Appearances > Events in 2007 > The Tudors Season 1 LA Press Conference [+009]
Public Appearances > Events in 2007 > Showtimes Premiere of the new dramatic series The Tudors [+039]

I was informed earlier by Cassandra Clare that as far as she is aware Jonathan is not due to arrive on the set in Toronto until October and that she will let me know for definite as soon as she knows for certain herself.
The film started filming on Monday August 20th but the only people who I know are definitely on set are Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan and Kevin Zegers. Jonathan is definitely not there :]

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