As far as I’m aware this is only a rumour that I found out about a few hours ago. Apparently Jonny is going to be in a film called “Panda Eyes” alongside Sophie Turner [Game Of Thrones] and it will be directed by Spanish director Isabel Coixet who has won many awards at the Spanish Oscars and it is apparently due to start filming on November 25th of this year. With Dracula coming up at round about the same time I’m really not sure about whether it is true or not but you never know. Apart from that there is no more information regarding the project so we will just have to wait and see if anything comes of it. A friend of mine translated the snippet from the article below so I’m sorry if it makes no sense :]

On 25 November and starts shooting ‘Panda Eyes’ in Cardiff. The first confirmed players: Jonathan Rhys Meyers (as we have seen in ‘Match Point’, Woody Allen, and as King Henry VIII in ‘The Tudors’) and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark of the ‘Game of Thrones’).

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I have been thinking about this for a while. I was going to do it for Jonnys birthday but as usual left it too late. Hopefully when Dracula begins filming it is done in London and with any luck I’ll be going down to finally meet Jonny. I was racking my brains as to what I could take down as a gift from me and then thought it would be so nice if we could all get involved in it so looked in to buying a star and naming it after Jonny. It isn’t cheap and would require donations to enable me to buy it on behalf of everyone so I can hopefully give it to him in person. The star obviously would be called Jonathan and will hopefully be in a constellation called Cepheus which means The King which I think is pretty apt. I have set up a Paypal account for it as it is a way that is the safest and easiest way to donate & every single donation will be more than gratefully recieved. Here is the website I will be buying it from providing we are able to raise the amount required [] I will start off by putting in £10 which means there is only £40 left to raise to be able to buy the package in the picture. You can send any donations to All of the donations made will go towards the gift and if you are under 16 and would like to donate to the buying of the star please make sure you have parental consent first. If you are unable to donate towards the star my friend Gina is making a beautiful book that will also be given to Jonny hopefully in person. You can email her at :]

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I’ve added a new picture to the gallery of Jonny that was taken on September 9th on a quick visit to Spain.

Fan Encounters > 2012

According to Jonny and Natalia are set to do a photoshoot for the upcoming release of Belle Du Seigneur in Natalies native Russia where it is being released next month. It looks as though the photoshoot is being done for the Russian version of “Marie Claire”. If this is true I for one cannot wait to see it. Such exciting times ahead :]

I have created a new album full of pictures that Jonny has had taken with fans. Please email us if you have any we don’t have in our gallery or if you see yours there and would like it removed please email us and it will be taken straight down.
The picture on the far left was taken today :D


Jonny is always so great with fans and it was only right that it deserved an album.

I have added a new video to our YouTube account showing Jonny on the set of The Tudors. Once again a HUGE credit to Marianne for finding this footage again

The interview that Jonny was going to do last month that was postponed for one reason or another has now been rescheduled for next week.

Todd and Erin ‏@ToddandErin

Bracing myself for the screams–looks like the Jonathan Rhys-Meyers interview is back on for next week. Any questions?

If you have a question and don’t have twitter please feel free to send us an email – stating your name and location and we will send them to Todd and Erin for you and hopefully Jonny will get asked your question. Please nothing personal  and we will happily pass them on :]


From what I can gather from this article, according to them Belle Du Seigneur is due to premiere in Russia in just over a months time on October 4th. You can read more information about it below :]

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