Just a pre-warning that from now on pictures I’ve had to pay for are going to be watermarked as lately I have noticed on some social networking sites that ones that I have found others have been claiming to have found themselves after they have clearly cut our tag off. Huge apologies to those who keep our tag on. I don’t ask for any donations so I am able to buy pictures, new themes or for magazines to scan like what some sites do. I use my own money for them and I don’t mind as it adds to my already very large collection of Jonny memorabilia and I thought that keeping a tag on wasn’t too much to ask but for someone people it clearly is so apologies again for those who keep it on.

Cannes Film Festival [+3 in HQ]

I have added several new albums to the 2002 and 2003 category. The rest of the events pictures will be up by tomorrow in order to complete our filmography section. Some of the pictures are tagged (thanks to Mila for those!) but that’s the only way I could get them unfortunately. If I come across un-watermarked ones they will be replaced with higher quality versions.


Public Appearances > 2002 > Bend It Like Beckham Premiere [+1 in MQ & 3 in HQ]
Public Appearances > 2002 > The Importance of Being Ernest Premiere [+2 in MQ & 5 in HQ]
Public Appearances > 2002 > The Importance of Being Ernest [+1 in MQ & 4 in HQ]
Public Appearances > 2002 > Elle Magazine Style Awards [+2 tagged]
Public Appearances > 2002 > Lilo and Stitch Premiere [+4 tagged]
Public Appearances > 2002 > Launch of Versace at the V and A Exhibition [+4]
Public Appearances > 2003 > Osia Restaurant Launch [+1 in HQ]
Public Appearances > 2003 > The Matrix Premiere [+6 MQ]
Public Appearances > 2003 > Gangs of New York Premiere [+16 in MQ & 1 in HQ]
Public Appearances > 2003 > About Schmidt Premiere [+4 in MQ]
Public Appearances > 2003 > Childrens Film and TV Awards [+3 tagged]
Public Appearances > 2003 > Davinia Taylor Murphy Party [+2]
Public Appearances > 2003 > Launch of Playstation 2′s ‘T-BOY’ [+1 in MQ watermarked]



Public Appearances > 2004 > Vanity Fair Sky Movies Screening [+22]
Public Appearances > 2004 > British Fashion Awards [+11]
Public Appearances > 2004 > Women to Women: Positively Speaking Book Launch [+11]

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Gina to JRM Source! Gina has been a very good friend of mine for years now and has been working behind the scenes on our Press Archive which should be launched sometime this month.

Wow, this one was quite a challenge but I finally have every single event Jonny attended in 2005 now added to the gallery as that category was missing for some reason and they’re all in HQ! Please take your time to look through them all as there is a lot!
You can find all 404 of them here :]

P.S You know that MTV Movie Brawl TMI is in? If you haven’t already voted, you can do so here. Every vote counts!


006  001

The majority of albums within this category have been updated and new ones added. As we all know 2006 was without doubt a major highlight of Jonnys career when he won his first and definitely not last Golden Globe for his performance as Elvis Presley. All of the photos from the ceremony etc can be found in our gallery. Take your time to look around as there is over 250 new pictures spread over multiple albums.

We have just learned that Jessica De Gouw star of CW’s ‘Arrow’ will be starring opposite Jonathan in Dracula which is due to start filming next month. She will be playing the lead female part of Mina Murray and according to THR “She’s described as being forward-thinking, clever and independent — more at home at a bohemian party than sipping tea in drawing room.”

Source; The Hollywood Reporter


Public Appearances > 2007 > August Rush Photocall [+37]
Public Appearances > 2007 > Rome Film Festival [+75]
Public Appearances > 2007 > August Rush Premiere [+35]
Public Appearances > 2007 > The Tudors S1 Premiere [+35]


Public Appearances > 2008 > Brit Awards *NEW!* [+9 in HQ]
Public Appearances > 2008 > The Tudors S2 Premiere [+12]

032 062 034 046

Public Appearances > 2009 > Showtimes Winter TCA Party [+9]
Public Appearances > 2009 > The Tudors S3 Launch Party [+14]
Public Appearances > 2009 > The Soloist Premiere [+54]

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