I have added lots of ‘new’ photoshoot sessions to the gallery that I noticed were missing along with some additions to previous albums. Huge thankyou to DeA for grabbing me some of the pictures

Photoshoots > 1998 > Sky [+15 HQ additions]
Photoshoots > 1998 > Velvet Goldmine Photocall [+4 in HQ & 2 in MQ]
Photoshoots > 1998 > Velvet Goldmine Presscall [+3 in HQ]
Photoshoots > 2004 > Sunday Times [+16 MQ additions]
Photoshoots > 2005 > New York Portrait Session [+13 HQ additions]
Photoshoots > 2005 > Match Point Cannes Portraits [+7 in HQ]

Well it’s all change again and we now have a gorgeous new layout made by the very talented Flor @ Sweet Revelation who designed the previous version. I decided now it looks as though spring/summer is finally upon us and the other layout being up for almost 6 months it was time for something new and I absolutely adore it and think it actually could be my favourite one yet. As you can see I asked Flor to use the new photocall pictures that we got the other day and I have actually sat staring at it since she sent me the preview last week. I so hope you love it as much as I do!

As you know Jonny is currently filming Dracula but we have an interview to look forward to on April 26th and hopefully not long after that promotion will get into full swing! I have lots of gorgeous HQ pictures to add to the gallery so in the run up to Fall everything I want to be in the gallery will be there. I won’t be uploading everything at once as I want to keep some pictures for when we have a quiet period. Probably tomorrow I will be adding missing photoshoots and adding additions to previous albums along with a few surprises to come. I have updated the icon section of the site so make sure to check them out and also added a new page to the fan section. I have lots of stuff to do behind the scenes in the next few months so keep on checking back for up to date news on Jonny as this year is sure to be very busy indeed!

Well Jonny was a busy bee today and we have 5 new photos of him with fans and some of those were even lucky enough to find him on the set of Dracula. All of the pictures have been added to the gallery along with some others from different days. Thankyou to everyone who shared these with us!

Fan Encounters in 2013 [+8]

I have just found out that Jonny will be appearing on Hungarian TV on April 30th for the programne Szeretettel Hollywoodbol (Love Hollywood to us English speakers) which is to be broadcast on Hungarian M1. I have been reliably informed that it will be available to watch the next day on http://mtv.hu by typing in the shows name into the search box.

Edit; The interview has been rescheduled for April 26th

I have just found out that Jonny took part in a photocall for Dracula in Budapest a few days ago. The MQ pictures have now been replaced with high quality versions thanks to BeccaEnjoy!

Dracula On Set Photocall – April 8th [+12]

IMDb has released 3 episode names for the upcoming series of Dracula.

1×02 – A Whiff of Sulphur
1×03 – Goblin Merchant Men
1×04 – From Darkness to Light

We are still waiting on confirmation for the title of episode 1 but as soon as I find out myself it will be posted here.

We have a trailer which has just debuted on allocine.fr ready for the French release of Belle du Seigneur and we get to hear a little bit of Jonny in this one rather than his voice being dubbed over and I have added the trailer to our YouTube account. Please be aware that the trailer contains scenes of a sexual nature and some nudity

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but as you are aware Jonny is busy filming Dracula right now so there really isn’t an awful lot to post. I have went through every category I could to see if any albums could be updated with HQ pictures to replace MQ or watermarked versions. The following have now been updated with more to come once I am able to get hold of the higher quality versions. Enjoy!


Candids > 2011 > Out in London - NOW IN HQ
Candids > 2012 > Venice Beach - NOW IN HQ
Public Appearances > 2012 > Place for Peace Dinner - NOW IN HQ
Photoshoots > 2005 > Uli Weber - NOW UNWATERMARKED
Photoshoots > 2005 > Lorenzo Agius - NOW UNWATERMARKED
Photoshoots > 2006 > Julian Broad - NOW UNWATERMARKED
Photoshoots > 2006 > Unknown #01 - NOW UNWATERMARKED
Photoshoots > 2008 > TV Guide Photoshoot with Natalie Dormer - NOW IN HQ

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Unfortunately Jonathan was not in the trailer a lot again but I grabbed the best screen captures I could. Enjoy!

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