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Filmography > Dracula (TV) > Episode Stills> 1.06 Of Monsters and Men [+003]
Filmography > Dracula (TV) > Episode Stills> 1.07 A Servant to Two Masters [+005]

Unfortunately this cannot be seen outside of the US but should I come across a version that isn’t geoblocked I will replace the video for everyone to watch


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Filmography > Dracula (TV) > Screen Captures> 1.04 From Darkness to Light [+576]

Yesterday Jonny attended a book launch in London and 2 HQ images have been added to the gallery. If I find more they will also be added

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Public Appearances > 2013 > Art Studio America Book Launch [+002]


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Filmography > Dracula (TV) > Screen Captures > 1.03 Goblin Merchant Men [+526]

As you all probably know by now Jonathan has made it to the next round of the Peoples Choice Awards for the “Actor in New TV Series” category. Up until a few days ago I didn’t realise how popular one of Jonnys rivals was. There is less than a month to go before voting closes and every single vote counts. This time around the tweets you can chose to post after you’ve voted also count as a vote each. By clicking on the picture it will take you to a tweet I posted earlier on our Twitter account and my aim is to get it as a top tweet and for it to stay there in the #actornewtv tag for at least 24 hours so more people can see Jonathan has been nominated and it also means more votes. PLEASE PLEASE vote and retweet any tweet you see showing someone has voted for him, favouriting a tweet DOES NOT COUNT. The link to vote can be found here and as always thankyou for your wonderful support everyone!

Jonathan briefly appears at 0:40 and you have to really squint to see him. I’m sure from the clip below you will be able to guess what is going on. Enjoy!


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Filmography > Dracula (TV) > Episode Stills> 1.05 The Devils Waltz [+016]


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Filmography > Dracula (TV) > Episode Stills > 1.03 Goblin Merchant Men [+004]
Filmography > Dracula (TV) > Episode Stills > 1.04 From Darkness to Light [+003]

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