Jonathan was spotted in London on February 20th at Starbucks coffee shop with his signature cigarettes :]
Only 1 picture at the moment but if any appear they will be added to the gallery straight away.

  • Feb 22, 12Editha says:  

    I hope Jonathan is alright he looks so tired at the last picture!!

  • Feb 22, 12Lyudmila says:  

    I hope too. On fotos from Fasion week he looks fine.

  • Feb 22, 12carmen says:  

    I was missing to see Jonathan in the street, with others, I hope he’s right, I feel he is sad.

  • Feb 22, 12Lyudmila says:  

    I think he needs a lovely woman beside, then melancholy will be off

  • Feb 22, 12Helen says:  

    I think he looks tired because this was taken the day after he attended the London Fashion Awards and he was still out at the party @ 3:25am so I’m not surprised he looks tired. Don’t worry I’m sure its just lack of sleep :]

  • Feb 23, 12sylvia says:  

    It nice to see him.Still I’m ready to see him in a movie or a Tv show.Since The Tudors,he been laying low.I ready to see to see him in a movie or do another TV show.

  • Feb 23, 12Lyudmila says:  

    He looks great even tired. Although will be better see his smile

  • Feb 23, 12unii says:  

    i myself walk alone sometimes on the streets. i like him doing normal thinks. i wish him the best, so happy to see him

  • Feb 24, 12Anonymous says:  

    hes often seen alone as he doesnt like to burden his friends with cameras.

  • Feb 24, 12Donna says:  

    Where in London was this picture taken?

    I have question if someone could answer…Jonathan & Reena broke up, right? I read several horrible articles from Reena about his mother and terrible things that were mentioned about Jon. I am just asking because sometimes you cannot believe eerything on the internet.

    If they are true, then she was very disrespectful to his family and Jon. For someone who has been with a person very long and to say things as such is not a nice person inside. I do hope what I read is not true.

  • Feb 25, 12Lyudmila says:  

    To Donna/ Final part of article, the answer to your question/

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been struggling with his alcohol problems for years. Some speculate that his latest relapse was the reason for the ambulance. Others, including Reena Hammer, seem to have sold stories of suicide attempts, drug abuse, alcohol relapses, homosexual tendencies, and theories that continue to circulate as long as Reena Hammer gets the last word. She profits from everything, and she has made money by selling her stories of her life with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, painting a picture of a drug-addicted alcoholic who was born to fail. THE RUMORS HAVE NOT BEEN COFIRMED

  • Feb 25, 12Helen says:  

    @Donna – I’m not sure about where they where taken, sorry. With regard to the articles they haven’t been confirmed as Lyudmila said. Personally I give them no credence whatsoever and in my opinion the press are just out to cause trouble. I think the press where trying to get a reaction out of either Jonny or Reena. They may not even know anything about them and I personally hope they dont as I’ve read some of them. Sometimes it’s best to ignore those types of articles.

  • Feb 25, 12zoe126 says:  

    He’s so hot! I hope one day I bump into him!

  • Feb 26, 12Lyudmila says:  

    Will be Jonathan at Oscar2012? Maybe as a guest?

  • Feb 26, 12Helen says:  

    I really don’t know, sorry.

  • Mar 02, 12Lyudmila says:  

    Jonathan had chaffed us with 2 appearences and steal away again.

  • Mar 02, 12omnomnom says:  

    He is wearing is long-johns –he could of just woke up needing a coffee, and a cigarette? He looks cuddly when he’s tired :)

  • Mar 16, 12laura says:  

    Is he ever in his home country of ireland these days,would luv 2 meet himhe is such a legend my fav actor..luvs him xx

  • Mar 16, 12RosieSB says:  

    Laura, I read in another site that he was in Debenhams, Waterford, Ireland, this week.

    I´m from Brasil and I don´t really understand what that meant.

    Funny how the person said:
    “Why is JRM handsoming all over waterford, making us all look bad”.
    I didn´t understand it at all. If anyone could explain it to me, I´d appreciate it very much.

  • Mar 17, 12Lyudmila says:  

    I didn’t understand to.

  • Mar 20, 12Lyudmila says:  

    probably against Johnny men feel ugly

  • Mar 21, 12RosieSB says:  

    Oh! I think you´re right! Thank you Lyudmila.

  • Mar 22, 12Helen says:  

    As far as I know he was still in Ireland on Monday :)

  • Mar 26, 12Frida says:  

    Is he still together with Reena Hammer?

  • Apr 16, 12Morgane says:  

    I’m really happy to see a new picture of him, even if he looks tired ! It’s reassuring ! Love you Jonathan ! <3

  • May 03, 12sarah says:  

    It’s a shame we have to read about celebs personnal lives in the press, maybe Jonny should set them all straight!

  • Jul 25, 12an author says:  

    i really understand that you all love seeing him, but, how can i politely say this, you all sound like the press. i would love to hear something about his work, or what you all would like to see him do. he is a great actor, and that is all you know him as. so talk about what makes him great. there never needs to be an explanation for why someone looks tired, or is alone. he is normal, and like all of us he has his vices. they should be of no consequence to any of us unless we are close to him. im sure he would like it more if nobody bothered him with things they do not know about.

  • Jan 15, 13Laura says:  

    I would love to see JRM play the pied piper on ABC’s Once upon A Time. Let’s see him play with magic, and forces in a Sci Fi drama! Has he done Sci Fi, I heard it’s not easy but what the hell if the right part comes along why not. The man is gifted!
    God bless his family, we all have demons to chase down. Best of luck!

  • Jan 15, 13Laura says:  

    I am not the Laura from above in a previous comment

  • Apr 28, 13Chris says:  

    He is a brillant actor in my book! I wish him well.

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