August 15th, 2011

Jonathan was spotted out&about with a female friend this past Saturday (August 13rd) in London. Credit goes to


  • Aug 15, 11sylvia says:  

    Finally!He looks good and sexy.

  • Aug 16, 11carmen says:  

    I am glad he is well

  • Aug 16, 11lia says:  

    love you man, so glad to see him , he’s a great guy humble and stuff like that .thanks !

  • Aug 16, 11Kailie says:  

    As always, he looks amazing!

  • Aug 16, 11sylvia says:  

    I wish he grow his mustache and goatee back.IT makes he more sexy.Also it feeling good when a man kiss you and his facial hair lightly bush your face

  • Aug 17, 11Margaret Bento says:  

    Looks like he is getting back to his old self. Nice to see him with a full-figured girl–gives me hope 😉

  • Aug 17, 11joe says:  

    yeah , seeing him with female friends like that makes me recognize him so he’s well ,and i agree a mustache makes him sexier and his blue eyes reflect better.

  • Aug 20, 11dia says:  

    love u .man !!!!!!!

  • Aug 21, 11Chapman says:  

    Love his boots! He has such effortless style and I love his swag. He has so much to talent. I cannot wait to see his next several projects. I am patiently waiting…………;)

  • Aug 22, 11Iris says:  

    these were taken with your permission, right? Good to see you, Jonathan. Thank you so much. Iris

  • Aug 22, 11Suzanne says:  

    Looking goooooood , feeling great ?
    I hope so 🙂

  • Aug 24, 11t3r3 says:  

    who is the girl??

  • Aug 25, 11hermosa622 says:  

    please please please, i hope you are all well now Jonny…everyone miss you already. I hope you only not look good but also feel good.

  • Sep 15, 11elaine says:  


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