A photographer in Norway called Hans Petter Vassgård managed to grab this gorgeous picture of Jonny when he was in Norway for The Mortal Instruments premiere last month. The picture can be viewed in full in the gallery

(from August 24th) Yesterday, while working for the newspaper here I actually ran into Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers outside his hotel. Went over, asked him politely if I could make a quick portrait for my portfolio, and he agreed! Luckily I had my 35mm 1.4 already attached and even though I had only a few seconds with him, and no time at all to play with settings I’m really happy with the result. I’m so glad I got this photo, since the chaos that unfolded later with the red carpet event and horde of screaming fans and press made it practically impossible to get any good shots, so there was no chance in hell to get a personal shot like this one. Yay!

  • Sep 16, 13Cécile says:  

    Congratulations to Hans Petter! Good shot! Jonathan’s gaze is deeply mysterious and thrilling… Thanks for sharing!

  • Sep 17, 13Shanti says:  

    Mr. Vassgard, could capture Jonny’s essence in all its magnitude. Thank you for this.

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