Thanks to someone at San Diego Comic Con we have 2 new clips of some fangtastic footage (see what I did there? lame I know) of Jonny that is hidden inside of Draculas crypt. The quality isn’t great but I’m not sure I’m that bothered really :P

  • Jul 19, 13Janis Glass says:  

    Oh dear lord, Heart beating very fast at that :)

  • Jul 19, 13Lynda says:  

    Superb actor as always .This mans talent knows no bounds ,he can play any part that’s given him .Cant wait for this .

  • Jul 19, 13Mak says:  

    His tattoo!!! Loved to see it in this raw footage. Does anybody know its meaning? Is it a Haiku or dots? Thanks for the vids Helen!

  • Jul 19, 13Тамара says:  

    Очень, очень жду премьеру ” Дракула ” !!! Джонни великолепен, отличная игра !!! Дракула, это его взлёт на высокий Олимп, это будет Шедевр в его исполнении !!! Браво, Браво, Браво, Джонни !!!

  • Jul 19, 13Helen says:  

    I don’t know, I zoomed in on the HQ pictures I have from when we first saw it properly at Venice Beach and saw letters so I really couldn’t say :)

  • Jul 20, 13Mak says:  

    Helen, I’ve seen your pics of Jonathan at Venice Beach and it seems to me that the tattoo imitates the dot-marks of burns by incense, a sacred practice among Mahayana Buddhists. This makes me feel an even fonder appreciation for him, to be honest. ;)

  • Jul 21, 13Emi says:  

    Thanks for nice surprise trailers. Now if the trailer from the Grimm was online. Hopefully it will be uploaded later!

  • Jul 22, 13Emi says:  

    Heads up! A new trailer is out…definitely more bloody…fantastic! ;P

  • Jul 22, 13Helen says:  

    Hmm, I like your theory actually. Seems like you may be right :)

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