November 8th, 2012

Natalia has confirmed via her Facebook page that herself and Jonathan are traveling to Moscow on Wednesday for the Belle Du Seigneur World Premiere. She has also said that it will be released in France in March 2013 and I have added some of  the article containing that information below. Please note I can’t read Russian so had to use a translator and have re worded it so hopefully everyone will understand.

Me and Jonathan are going to Moscow. Next Thursday will be the premiere of the film “Lovers” (Belle Du Seigneur)
For me it was essential that the world premiere was in Maine. I am at home. Exactly a week later it will be released in Russia on the 29th of November and then in March in France. This is my first experience in film and was the female role. I gave the project all I could. I think the movie was beautiful, complex and very stressful but in a good way. I can not wait until you can see it. – Natalia Vodianova


  • Nov 08, 12estelle says:  

    Helen thank you for the information, I’m too impatient to see the film I can wait, it seems March in France for years, you know when he goes out to you in England?

  • Nov 08, 12Helen says:  

    Unfortunately we don’t. Last I heard the company was in talks with British distributors for a release but never heard anymore. Fingers crossed we won’t have to wait much longer :]

  • Nov 09, 12estelle says:  

    yes I hope so for you it will come out one day in England, but I do not see why it will not, except when he is on free download sites in France, I would send if I can even if it will be in French lol

  • Nov 09, 12Shanti says:  

    Helen, these are very good news

  • Nov 09, 12Helen says:  

    Aww thankyou for the offer but hoping to see it on the big screen as well as on the TV :]

  • Nov 09, 12estelle says:  

    lol I understand you helen, by then I think Nathalia inform on his facebook output in England, it is obliged!

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