Jonathan has been nominated! Click on the picture to take you to the voting and I believe you can vote as many times as you’d like. It would be a lovely end to the year should we when we get him to the finals. Vote like your life depends on it and spread the word!

  • Oct 25, 13Sylka Thaus says:  

    cooler man of de world !!!!!!! kiss

  • Oct 25, 13n.r says:  

    I’d vote for Jonathan 500 timesif I could but I don’t think anyone will beat Michael j. Fox

  • Oct 26, 13DENA ANN PARTELOW says:  


  • Jan 09, 14Lore says:  

    : ( did not know we could vote for him, otherwise I would have done so and many times. I really am hypnotized with his performance on DRACULA. The character suits him very- very well. He’s handsome, sexy, and romantic…love him!!! GREAT show!

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