Cassandra Clare, the author of Mortal Instruments has OFFICIALLY confirmed that Jonathan has joined the cast as Valentine Morgenstern.

I’ve liked JRM since he was in Velvet Goldmine and I have to admit that image was what sprang immediately to mind when the producer called me and said “…Jonathan Rhys Meyers?”
I was like, “Velvet Goldmine!”
I should probably also mention that he was great in Match Point and Bend it Like Beckham and lots of my other favorite movies. So, in sum: Ireland, we have cleaned you out of  your hot men. Sorry about that. You can have them back in three months when they’re done filming. 

You can find the official announcement from Cassandra here and the website for the film has been updated and Jonathans picture added. Filming is due to take place between August 20th and November 6th.

  • Aug 10, 12Vanessa in SoCal says:  

    Excited is an understatement! can’t wait to see what magic he makes with his character! Really,JRM is a magical creature ;)

  • Aug 11, 12Shanti says:  

    I am really very happy for Jonny. Finally, his career is moving on.

  • Aug 25, 12Sunflower says:  

    I am glad that his gonna to play in that movie.

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