November 15th, 2012

Jonathans interview from earlier today with Evening Urgant. Screen caps to follow.


  • Nov 15, 12Shanti says:  

    Jonny looks great, calm and relaxed. He is wearing a mala to count mantras, and greets with Buddhist gesture. I like this.

  • Nov 15, 12Sunflower says:  

    I m glad his ok.

  • Nov 15, 12LilacRaindrops says:  

    Ooh he is just beautiful…lovely to watch this long awaited interview…

  • Nov 16, 12MsJLoraine says:  

    Truly, a consummate and graceful professional. Thrilled to view this interview and anticipate even more greatness as his work and personality brightens our lives.

  • Nov 16, 12suzanne benoitsuzanne says:  

    do you understand why Jonathan is almost angry at the beginnig?

  • Nov 17, 12Monika says:  

    When was Jonathan angry? He was being funny, ironic, and waiting for the Russian translation to catch up (notice the gap between his joke and the audience laughing). The translation back and forth makes it challenging, but I thought it went very well.

  • Nov 17, 12Monika says:  

    Sorry Suzanne… that did not come out right (the dangers of the medium! 🙂 ) — I was trying to say that I think any impression that he seems angry is just an unfortunate by-product of the translation process. He seemed very funny and gracious to me, but irony can sometimes get lost in translation — perhaps that was it?

  • Nov 17, 12Suzanne says:  

    You are right. Sorry, Mr Rhys Meyers.
    Am I alone to do not see the words while writing here?
    Not easy…

  • Nov 17, 12Helen says:  

    I do think he was just waiting for the translator to finish catching up. He looked bubbly, bouncy and upbeat. I really enjoyed it but think it would have been better if the audience had earpeaces in like what Jonny had to do for the Russian to be translated for the Press Conference :]

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