Incredible fans! He loved everything, you guys are all amazing and so thoughtful x

There is nothing more for me to say other than a simple thankyou to everyone who took part. Same time next year!

  • Jul 25, 13Kitty says:  

    You had me at The Tudors! Keep it coming & Happy Birthday! xo

  • Jul 25, 13Michelle says:  

    Aw, congratulations hun! Looks like your hard work paid off as well! So happy to see that Jonny received his birthday gift! =)

  • Jul 25, 13Mak says:  

    Wou!!! This is so good!!! Immense hug to you Helen and thank you for sending a bit of our love to Jonny!!! :)

  • Jul 26, 13Julieann Scott says:  

    I am so happy that he got this. Your hard work and beautiful artwork paid off. :-) great picture too <3

  • Jul 27, 13haron says:  

    happy birthday to Jonny!

  • Jul 27, 13Samantha says:  

    Great job Helen, so happy jonathan appreciated it. Happy Birthday Jonathan !!! Love all your work. Have been a fan since watching Velvet Goldmine. I cannot wait to see you this fall in Dracula. May god bless you . Samantha, United states, Philadelphia, PA

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