Irish Film and Television Awards [2010]

  • Feb 01, 12kiao says:  

    i’ve just seen albert nobbs, and there was another interesting side of jonathan. i liked it

  • Feb 01, 12dide says:  

    JRM news??????????!

  • Feb 03, 12Helen says:  

    @dide Hopefully some soon, just waiting for confirmation from his agent / management.

  • Feb 03, 12Annette says:  

    Is there anyway I can contact you?; I know I have sent you guys a bunch of Tudor things.

  • Feb 05, 12Helen says:  

    @Annette The email no longer works and I’m not sure how to create a new one as I’m new to all this.

  • Feb 06, 12Annette says:  

    I could send them to you over facebook?

  • Feb 06, 12Suzanne says:  

    @helen: does it mean that you know something regarding Jonathan’s new project?

  • Feb 12, 12Helen says:  

    @Annette yeah sure if you want to :]
    @Suzanne I just know as much as what everyone else does, I’m assuming were talking about the same thing lol :]

  • Feb 13, 12Sky says:  

    @helen…what is your facebook? i sent something to the email and was wondering why i didn’t receive a reply. thanks!

  • Feb 13, 12Sky says:  

    By the way, who is the woman in the photos with Jonny?

  • Feb 13, 12Annette says:  

    @Sky that’s Sarah Bolger she portrayed his characters daughter in “The Tudors” – she has a fansite here:

  • Feb 13, 12Sky says:  

    Ohhh, OK, yeah I know of Sarah, I just couldn’t see up close. Thanks!

  • Feb 13, 12sylvia says:  

    After hearing about Whitney Houston,I hope Jonathon is okay.I hope he staying sober.If you find out anything please let us know if he doing well.I love Jonathan and I want him to be okay.

  • Feb 16, 12Helen says:  

    @Sky the email no longer works, if you like our page on Facebook it’s called JRM Source so you could send things there on our wall if you want

  • Mar 11, 12RosieSB says:  

    Does Jon visit this site? Do you have any news for us?

    I understand he is taking a break to rest from too much work, since there isn´t much news about him available. Is he still in London?

    Tell us a little about him, have you ever spoken to him?

    Thank you,


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