Today Jonathan is celebrating his 36th birthday. Everyone here at JRM Source would like to wish him a very Happy Birthday and hope that whatever he is doing to celebrate it he has a truly fantastic day! Feel free to leave a birthday wish for Jonathan here because you never know after yesterday he MAY just read them :]

The fan made video that Jonathan was also sent for his birthday will be following in the next few hours so keep your eyes open!

  • Jul 27, 13Pamela Martínez says:  

    Happy Birthday! Have a great day. I send you hugs and kisses, my best wishes. Your fan forever.

    Pamela Martinez

    Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

  • Jul 27, 13Francine says:  

    Dear Jonathan,
    Just seen that today is your 36th Birthday today, so happy Birthday old man!!! I got to tell you, you still look sexy and hot as hell for being our age!!! You are the last person who should ever feel self conscience about yourself!!! Not to mention a great actor as well. Hope you have a fantastic Birthday and I hope to meet you one day, as you are my all time favorite actor!!!
    Sincerely, Francine <3
    From N.Y., USA

  • Jul 27, 13Julieann Scott says:  

    Happy Birthday to you Jonny, I hope wherever you are spending it, all your wishes come true….

  • Jul 27, 13Heather says:  

    * Glasses up…to a wonderful year. Happy Birthday !! This is going to be a great year for you Johnny xoxo

  • Jul 27, 13carmen lucia says:  

    Dear Jonathan, You are my favorite actor and you become pretty every year. I wish you a happy birthday.

    Carmen from Brazil.

  • Jul 27, 13Bubs says:  

    Wishing you all the best on your special day
    Happy Birthday !!!

  • Jul 27, 13Kathy says:  

    Wishing you the best of birthday wishes as well as continued happiness and success.


  • Jul 27, 13Natasha says:  

    Happy Birthday Jonny!
    Sending you Happy Birthday wishes wrapped in all my love!
    Hope your special day bring you all you want!
    I love you Jonathan!

  • Jul 27, 13Natasha says:  

    Even though we are miles away, it is good to know that you are always there! Happy Birthday!

  • Jul 27, 13Danielle says:  

    happy birthday Jonathan, I hope you have a wonderful day.
    I’m a big fan of you. I love all your movies and tv shows.
    thanks for making great work, you are a true artist.. and a beautiful man.
    I still watch the tudors every week. and I can’t wait for dracula.

    with love from holland

  • Jul 27, 13Marianne says:  

    Happy B-day Jonathan. Much love,health and may all your dreams come true.Big b-day hug. xxx

  • Jul 27, 13Yohanna says:  

    Happy Birthday!

  • Jul 27, 13Mak says:  

    Felíz Cumple Jonny! Much love and the best energy for you! <3

  • Jul 27, 13Nafta Stepanova says:  

    In your heart the sun shines and in soul there is a lot of heat and love!!!… :-) Happy Birthday Remarkable And Beautiful Person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Jul 27, 13Cécile says:  

    Happy 36th Birthday Jonathan! Enjoy it and take care of yourself! Love from Djibouti Africa

  • Jul 27, 13Audrey says:  

    Happy birthday, dear Jonny. Make it a wonderful day. Hope you have received my card.

  • Jul 27, 13Grace says:  

    Happy birthday jonathan to the most best actor in the world! Have a wonderful day! And this year you’ve surprised us so good! I look forward to the other years of you wonderful acting! Love you lots x

  • Jul 27, 13Astrid Schornig says:  

    Happy birthday Jonathan.
    That all your wishes and dreams may come true that you have.

    Sincerely your’s Astrid
    from Berlin, Germany

  • Jul 27, 13Sunflower says:  

    Dear Jonathan,
    Wishing you a happy birthday, from the bottom of my heart.And have a wonderful day.

    With love,
    Stanka from Slovenia

  • Jul 27, 13Kathleen says:  

    Dearest Jonathan..

    I hope the day brings you every delight you desire! Happy Happy Birthday!

  • Jul 27, 13Veronique says:  

    Happy birthday!I wish you career development,accompanied with much love,peace,health and luck! <3

  • Jul 27, 13Lethycya says:  

    Jonathan a few years ago that God sent you to illuminate the earth with all its presence, and this day extra special for evidence of your arrival to the world,words are not enough to honor you.You are a precious work which God created and overlaid with many good qualities,a great person you admire and want to fine.kisses and hugs

  • Jul 27, 13FMFJMGRL says:  

    Happy Birthday Jonny! Love your Swagger! Keep calm and love JRM!! I cant wait to see you on the screen again and to hear your lovely voice singing too…till we meet again! Come back to NYC!! Love Fran NYC<3

  • Jul 27, 13Daniela Montero says:  

    Happy Birthday Jonathan! Have a nice day! I just wanted to say that you are my favorite actor since 2007, since then I have seen all your work. I dream with you releasing an album; you have one of the most wonderful voices I have never heard, well, the truth is your voice is the most wonderful voice ever. I hope to see you in lots and lots of movies or series, I know you will do it very well, as always. How wonderful it will be seeing you in Star Wars! Wow! If before I liked Star Wars, I will like them even more. Well. I hope you enjoy your day and take care.
    Best wishes,
    Daniela Montero
    San José, Costa Rica.

  • Jul 28, 13maria says:  

    I wish you peace and happiness and continued success in your career! You are truly special! Do not ruin it, PLEASE! Happy Birthday!!
    Much love,
    maria from Philadelphia, Pa

  • Aug 12, 13Miranda says:  

    Happy Birthday Jonny, I know it is a little bit late,but my best wishes are always with you. :)

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