March 7th, 2013


I have posted only a few pictures from what I believe were taken a few weeks ago. There are others that show his flat but I refuse to post ones taken outside of it, personally I don’t think there is any need. Please keep all comments on topic, anything malicious towards either Jonny or Victoria will be deleted without question hence why the comments are now under moderation by me.

Gallery Link:
Candids > 2013 > With Victoria / Out in London [+006]


  • Mar 08, 13Shanti says:  

    The most important thing I can see in these photos, is that Jonny is in love, looks gentle and loving with his girlfriend, and for me this is wonderful. I wish happiness and beautiful time for both of them.

  • Mar 09, 13natasha says:  

    Ahhh lovely! For anyone who doubted the realness of their relationship take a good look because there is nothing fake here! True love always shines through.

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