November 11th, 2012

Jonny attended his first confirmed event in almost 2 years yesterday with Natalia for The Peace Earth Foundation Fundraising Gala co-hosted by Ella Krasner and Forest Whitaker to support the Peace Earth Foundation. 18 pictures have been added to the gallery. According to JustJared Jonnys guest is called Victoria Keon-Cohen who is a model and filmmaker

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  • Nov 11, 12Monika says:  

    It’s nice to see him out and about again…

    The mysterious “guest” is so beautiful she leaves the impression that she might be a model. Whoever she is, she is not Reena.

  • Nov 11, 12Helen says:  

    She is called Victoria Keon-Cohen according to JustJared

  • Nov 11, 12estelle says:  

    and that reason there should be a guest? what is the story?

  • Nov 12, 12Monika says:  

    …so I was right — she is a model! 🙂

    And it seems that she is not just beautiful, but a woman of substance too… She is talented (a film maker who has just made her first film), intelligent, well-spoken, and committed to social justice, having co-founded the Model Union in the UK (with some 800 members). She speaks out on the sexual exploitation of young models, and is now advocating for the Bipolar UK organization (having had a grandmother and boyfriend who suffered from bipolar disorder, I applaud her efforts). All this and a killer Aussie accent… She seems kinda awesome!

    And if she and JRM are indeed a couple, I wish them much happiness.

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