December 18th, 2012

Over the past few weeks since we found Jonny was shooting I have been talking a lot to Cathy who is the author of the book in which the film is based on. Today she tweeted saying that the embargo surrounding the film has been lifted and we finally got to see a long awaited picture of Jonny on the set. The picture of Jonny and Cathy was taken when Cathy visited the set in Cardiff a few weeks ago. As I’m sure all of you know we were able to raise enough money to be able to buy a star and name it after Jonny. I went down to Cardiff with a couple of friends only to find that Jonny was in fact in London (the place we had just traveled from a few hours earlier!) A lovely member of the production crew could see how disappointed we were and offered to send our gifts direct to Jonny rather than having to take them home and send to Mallow. Obviously I would’ve loved to give the star to him myself but either way it was a small consolation knowing he would receive it. Today Cathy tweeted this to me “@jrhysmeyerscom Your visit was mentioned and your gifts are on their way to Jonny!” So happy to know he will get them soon and hopefully get it before Christmas!

The full sized picture of Jonny and Cathy has been added to the gallery!


  • Dec 18, 12corina says:  

    you’re the best and I hope you get a reply back from jrm 🙂

  • Dec 19, 12Marion says:  

    I wished so much, that you meet him, talk, kiss and hug him
    :-)) You deserved this for all the great work you do. Now, destiny had decided, but you never know for what it is worth for. Head up, sister! Maybe he likes the gifts so much, that you receive a invitation to… I pray for that and wish you a
    Merry Chrismas and a happy new year.

  • Dec 19, 12Helen says:  

    Aww thanks Marion, you can live in hope I guess. It’s all I’ve got at the minute :]

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