November 5th, 2012

So we finally have our first photoshoot of Jonathan since 2010 promoting Belle Du Seigneur with Natalia. The pictures that I have added to the gallery are just stunning! Enjoy everyone!

EDIT –  Jonathan will appear on the front cover of the Russian version of the magazine which is being released on November 16th. You can read the online article HERE

Gallery Link:
Photoshoots > Photoshoots from 2012 > Marie Claire [+005]


  • Nov 05, 12yesenia says:  

    OMG so sexy…..
    i love this man….

  • Nov 05, 12MonikaMonika says:  

    Which magazine is it from — UK? US? Is it a recent issue or upcoming one?

    Hope we hear soon about when/where we can finally see Belle du Seigneur…

  • Nov 05, 12Helen says:  

    I believe its for the Russian version as it’s being released there this month.

  • Nov 05, 12Тамара says:  

    Наталья Водянова и Джонатан Риз Майерс появятся на обложке новогоднего номера Marie Claire Russia. В продаже с 16 ноября !!! Прекрасная работа, очень красивая фото-сессия !!!.

  • Nov 05, 12Тамара says:  

    Helen !!! Спасибо, Вам за прекрасный страницы, фото, это огромный труд. Спасибо, что радуете нас, поклонников таланта замечательного Актёра Джонатан Рис Майерс.

  • Nov 05, 12Helen says:  

    You’re very welcome Tamara :]

  • Nov 06, 12Shanti says:  

    Beautiful pics. Jonny looks great. As always.

  • Nov 07, 12Miranda says:  

    Yes he looks great! Also many thanks to Helen for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  • Nov 08, 12FMFJRMGRL says:  

    I think she means in the US right Helen? I cant see what im typing cause its black and cant find where to change the color of the text

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