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  • Jul 23, 14Kathleen says:  

    Show your Creator that He made the right choice by sending you on Earth many years ago on this day. May you have a very fruitful and productive life. Happy Birthday Mr Meyers. From Kathleen Turner xoxo

  • Jul 29, 14Jesse fang says:  

    Oh my god.. This website is perfect please keep posting I love JRM he is a perfection. For Jonathan keep being you you inspire me. A lot.

  • Jul 31, 14Rachael Stenning says:  

    Hiya, I just wanted to know, if you know if jonny is going to attend the awards ceremony in October? It’s just that I am very interested in buying a couple of tickets to attend it. I have contacted the Irishpost, and I know that it is open to the public, but what I don’t want to do is buy some tickets, and then jonny is not there?? I hope you can help me? Thanks. Rachael.

  • Aug 03, 14Helen says:  

    I was told by the girl organizing it she would try and put some tickets aside but she is waiting to see if that is ok to do that as they’re just selling tables right now. The tickets for it are ~super expensive and a table of 10 costs £2340 (that price is including VAT) with it being a black tie event. I was thinking of putting my name down for a table but so far there is only 2 people, myself included, who have said they’d want to go and don’t want to commit to it as I don’t know myself if Jonathan is actually going due to filming Byrd and the Bees around the same time as it’s a lot of money to not actually get to see him or for people to drop out of buying a ticket at the table but at the same time don’t want to miss out. I’m as much in the dark as everyone else wanting to go right now I’m afraid

  • Sep 11, 14Lois Mentzer says:  

    Great webite! Really enjoy all his work. Truly a great actor and I am excited to see what he does next.

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