2013 has almost drawn to a close and from what pictures we have been lucky enough to see Jonathan has stopped 76 times this year for fan pictures and possibly even more. Not sure if it’s me just being biased but I think that is just incredible and there is not many who would do it so much or as often which is just yet another testament to Jonathans wonderful fan orientated and all around kind nature. Thankyou so much to everyone who has been kind enough to send me there pictures or just post them on social networking accounts this year. I hope we get just as many if not more in 2014!


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  • Dec 03, 13Shirley Bigham says:  

    Jonathan is a power house actor. He is most excellent. If I ever see him I hope he will let me take a picture with him.

  • Dec 10, 13Italian girl says:  

    Oh my god. I hope one day i will take a picture with him, he’s my favourite actor.

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