Thanks to a fan from Russia on YouTube we have been given the opportunity to watch a short scene from Belle du Seigneur. It has been dubbed over in Russian but we all know no matter what language it is dubbed in Jonny will be fantastic in it. If anyone could translate it for us that would be fantastic!

  • Dec 05, 12Monika says:  

    Hmm, don’t speak Russian, so can’t translate, but I think I get the gist of this scene…

    At first, she tries to comfort him after his bad day.

    He has the telephone number of the man she slept with, and is asking her whether she is going to phone and invite him, or whether he will. That this is who she lay with. She is asking him to stop… He says — then will we be faithful to each other?

    He turns on the music to torture her about her infidelity.

    At least, that’s gist of what I understood!

  • Dec 05, 12Helen says:  

    I think you’re right Monika. I haven’t read the book so don’t know what was going on until a Russian friend sent me the dialogue of it for me to translate.

  • Dec 09, 12estelle says:  

    me either I have not read the book, and I’d just thought jonny was her lover and she deceived her husband with jonny.

  • Dec 10, 12Helen says:  

    From what I can gather that’s also the case but I loaned my book to a friend so haven’t read it yet myself.

  • Dec 11, 12estelle says:  

    ah ok yes because in the trailer it is clear that he is with another blonde

  • Dec 11, 12Monika says:  

    Yes, it is all in there… Ariane is the wife of one of Solal’s underlings. He has been married before, has a lover. Something happens between; his jealousy is ignited. From Jonathan’s interview in Moscow, we know there is a rape scene between Arianne and Solal, and in fact, can see part of it in the Russian trailer. This appears linked.

    Belle de Seigneur is a very rich and complex book, about much more than a love story; it is about a failed hero who tried to change, to re-unite, the world. Don’t forget Solal works at the League of Nations…

    It is a recognized masterpiece in the French literary canon, but is almost unknown in English, which is I think why it is finding such a hard time in distribution. If people were more familiar with the book, they would not have as hard a time accepting the 3 hour version, or would be able to culturally fill-in-the-blanks in a shorter film version. It is a book widely believed to be unfilmable, and so for Glennio Bonder to have gotten this far is an enormous accomplishment, even if it is a flawed film (the flaw being in the difficulty of reducing the script and story to a 180 minute format). This is why I have much hope for the French release.

    It is rather like The Unbearable Lightness of Being, but that became a cult and intellectual hit when translated into English, and so had more of a ready audience. And it was not nearly as long!! (or essentially, part of a literary quartet, because there are earlier volumes about the life of Solal).

    The role of Solal is the role of a lifetime, and from everything that I’ve seen, and read, Jonathan Rhys Meyers succeeded in capturing his depth and complexity. It kills me that it is not being seen, and that what he accomplished in this role is not being recognized. I am very afraid that it will never be released in the US or the UK, and that we will have to wait for years for it to appear on dvd , much like what happened with Prozac Nation.

    My Christmas wish would be that it would be purchased by distributors for the US and UK markets and that critics evaluate the 3 hour version.

    Fingers tightly crossed…

  • Dec 13, 12estelle says:  

    ah ok I understand better, yes it will come out to France in March 2013 I think, I hope! else if he does not come home, I’ll try to upload to sites French when he will be put and send it to you if I can, hoping it will come out at you. both you live in england?

  • Dec 14, 12Monika says:  

    Merci Estelle!

    Non, moi je suis au Canada (J’étais en Genève pendant plusieurs années… c’est dommage que je ne suis pas encore là! C’est une des raisons pour laquelle je m’intéresse dans cette film.)

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