The last episodes of The Tudors have finally been added (only 5 years after it was aired) but better late than never! I will be adding our final pictures to the gallery later on today in time for Jonnys interview with ‘Love Hollywood’.

2×09 – The Act of Treason [+290]

2×10 – Destiny and Fortune [+332]

2×07 – Matters of State [+402] – CONTAINS SCENES OF SEXUAL CONTENT

2×08 – Lady in Waiting [+520]

2×05 – His Majestys Pleasure [+322]

2×06 – The Definition of Love [+478] – Credit to Tracy for these

2.03 – Checkmate [+392]

2.04 – Act of Succession  [+397]

Thanks to Raina I’ve been able to upload our first sets of gorgeous Blu-Ray captures from The Tudors. I haven’t had the time to replace the ones I have already uploaded right now so they will just stay as they are for the foreseeable. Episodes 5-10 will follow shortly.

I have added 15 MQ and 20 HQ images of Jonny filming The Tudors seasons 1-3. Enjoy!


The Tudors > Season 1 > On Set
The Tudors > Season 2 > On Set
The Tudors > Season 3 > On Set

Season 3 Press Conference [+38]

Season 4 Press Conference [+101]

1×09 Look to God First [+768]

1×10 The Death of Wolsey [+753]INCLUDES SCENES OF SEXUAL CONTENT

HQ Stills [+26 added] – Huge thanks to Annette for these

The season one section is now complete unless I come across more stills pictures of Jonny on set :]

I have added a new video to our YouTube account showing Jonny on the set of The Tudors. Once again a HUGE credit to Marianne for finding this footage again

I’ve added 522 screen captures to the gallery of the second episode from the second season of The Tudors. Enjoy!


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