Actors Jeremy Irons and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are set to join the cast of the silver screen adaptation of Sebastian Barry’s The Secret Scripture. The Irish Independent has learnt that the two well-known stars are in negotiations to join female leads Jessica Chastain and Vanessa Redgrave in the big budget production, which will start filming this June, and are expected to sign contracts in the next 10 days.
It is not yet known what characters Irons and Rhys Meyers are being lined-up to play in The Secret Scripture, but a source confirmed they will both take on prominent roles
The project, which has been in the pipeline for nearly two years, will be entirely shot in Ireland over the summer, with an Irish crew – giving a further boost to the film industry as well as the Irish economy.

Source - The Irish Independent

Well it’s all change again. Seeing as though Dracula is almost finished *crying* I thought it would be a great time to put up the new themes made by my wonderful friend Lora along with the fact we now need 2 ad codes due to the site being 12GB. I couldn’t decide what pictures to use then someone contacted me to say she had some pictures I may be interested in that are hard to get in HQ and the one I eventually decided to use has always been a favourite. It was taken by the photographer Philip Gay back in 2006 and I just love the half light half dark look. I think Lora has done just a perfect job and she already knows this due to the amount of times she got emails saying how much I loved it. I have LOTS of updates ranging from unseen candids which also include new additions to albums already in the gallery, photoshoots with additions and the replacment of MQ pictures in the next few weeks. If you spot any errors I’m sure you all know how to contact me and hope you all really love our new look as much as I do

A huge christmas wish to all fans of Jonny and all visitors who’ve made this year the most successful since the site opened in 2009. Here’s to another fabulous and successful 2014! To make 2014 one of the most successful to date please don’t forget to vote your little fingers off for Dracula so it can win  the ‘NewTVDrama’ category at the Peoples Choice Awards here. If you have Twitter you can also vote by retweeting any tweet associated with Dracula and the above category. Merry Christmas everyone!


Thankyou to the ever wonderful Flor for designing our gorgeous new theme especially for Dracula. As you can see the picture I chose for it is one of Jonathans character pictures and I hope you like it just as much as I do. If you spot any errors when browsing the site let me know and I will fix them as soon as possible and tomorrow we should hopefully have a matching gallery theme to match the main site. Don’t forget tonight is the night he rises so please, please tune in to support the show which airs on NBC at 10/9c to get it off to a flying start and it will premiere next week in the UK just in time for Halloween on Sky Living

Walmart is now selling exclusive covers featuring Jonny for the TMI Movie tie in book (obviously yours won’t have a sticker over his face. Rude right?) which can only be bought in there stores. They are on sale for $7.49 so grab ‘em while you can! Jonny looks extra creepy on this cover doesn’t he? A good creepy though ;]

We are so glad to able to share this news with everybody. We’ve known about it for a while and it was tough to keep secret. Johnny will be join us on tracks and also will be writing some with us also. He is VERY excited 
Please share, and please keep sharing our kickstarter page.
Thanks world

Well dreams really do come true! It was announced earlier this morning on the bands Facebook page that Jonathan will be recording with his brothers in August in New Orleans, LA and just recently announced by one of the members he will also be writing some material too! I’m sure you’ve all seen August Rush and we all know Jonny has a truly beautiful and unique voice and I for one cannot wait for him to collaborate with his brothers as they too are extremely talented.
The album will be available for download only in December 2013 entitled ‘Blossom’. I don’t know how many tracks Jonathan will be singing on but one would be enough for me. A very exciting end to 2013 indeed!

You can follow his brothers band on Twitter & Facebook  for all of the latest details and I have attached the links below. Let’s show all of them our support and how excited we are for this by following them and helping them to promote it as best we can. The announcement of Jonnys involvement has been attached below and if you click on the picture you will be able to see a larger version.

Twitter – @SuzysField
Facebook –

Fantastic news guys, Daniel Knauf tweeted earlier this morning that a release date for Dracula has been confirmed. As of June 1st only 5 months to go until Jonny is back gracing our screens. The countdown starts now!

Edited July 1st; All spots for the video are now TAKEN. I still have a few messages to add but now have no space so for you wonderful lot I have decided to take on another little project to send to Jonny. Any messages sent from now on will be going into a booklet which will also be going direct to Jonnys new London fanmail address along with the disc including the video. The front cover has already been made along with a birthday letter. Please click more for the edited rules and suggestions.

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