I have added a bunch of additional high quality stills from Jonnys appearance on BET 106 & Park back in 2010 when he was promoting From Paris With Love with John Travolta. I hope you enjoy them all!

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Interviews & TV Appearances > Talk Shows > BET’s 106 & Park [+018]

After quite a number of people asked me to upload here is the very brief appearance of Jonny from this weeks episode for this who haven’t seen it



Jonathan will be appearing on The Jonathan Ross show which airs tonight at 9:50pm in the UK. He is joined by Downton Abbey stars Joanne Froggatt and Rob-James Collier, British Bake Off host Paul Hollywood, comedian Steve Coogan and the band The Pet Shop Boys. I will be on the lookout for a web version of the interview to upload to our YouTube channel. Until then I have added lots of HQ stills from the interview to our gallery. Looks like a very fun interview!


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Interviews & TV Appearances > Talk Shows > The Jonathan Ross Show (2013) [+024]

Jonathans interview from earlier today with Evening Urgant. Screen caps to follow.

According to urgantshow.ru Jonny is set to give a TV interview with Vecherniy Urgant to promote Belle Du Seigneur. I cannot wait for this and I am hoping someone will be able to record this for us so us fans outside of Russia will be able to see it! The interview will take place on the 15th November.

Until I get round to screen capping I have added the higher quality pictures to the gallery from the following TV Appearances and Interviews

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Interviews and  TV Appearances > 2005 > Unscripted with Scarlett Johansson promoting Match Point [+008]
Interviews and  TV Appearances > 2007 > MTV’s TRL with Keri Russell promoting August Rush [+028]
Interviews and TV Appearances > 2008 > NBC News Today with Peter O’Toole [+008]

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Interviews and TV Appearances > Talk Shows > T4 (2010) [+043]

This is one of my absolutely favourite interviews with Jonny where he talks about August Rush, Michael Collins, Mission Impossible III, Match Point and of course, The Tudors. It’s a wonderful interview and Jonny is on top form. You may even “melt in the microwave” ;)

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