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Unfortunately there is no embed code for this particular interview yet but if you click HERE it will send you to the website. Enjoy it :]

Big thanks again to Riener and Marica for pointing me in the direction of this interview

Big thanks to Riener and Neli for helping me to get this short but very sweet interview :]

It has also just been announced via the very lovely Mr Will Wong that Jonny will be attending the Canadian premiere of The Mortal Instruments in Toronto next Thursday

#JonathanRhysMeyers #LilyCollins #JamieBower #KevinZegers #RobSheehan #JaredHarris confirmed #TheMortalInstruments CDN Premiere next Thurs!

I found out yesterday that Jonny gave another interview I’m assuming last month, this time with a Serbian magazine called Serije+
I am working on also translating this article for our Press Archive so I will edit this post when I have added it. For now I have added 4 scans from the magazine, enjoy!

I have added the scans from an interview Jonathan did last month with Cosmopolitan. A huge huge thankyou to the lovely Eva who scanned her magazine for me! I am working on translating the actual interview to add to our Press Archive as best as I can as Hungarian is not the easiest language to translate.


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