I have added 9 HQ pictures of Jonathan out in Beverly Hills, CA earlier today. I’ve not uploaded them all (there was a lot) as quite a few Jonny doesn’t look comfortable in. Enjoy the ones I’ve uploaded


Candids > 2014 > Out in Beverly Hills

Actors Jeremy Irons and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are set to join the cast of the silver screen adaptation of Sebastian Barry’s The Secret Scripture. The Irish Independent has learnt that the two well-known stars are in negotiations to join female leads Jessica Chastain and Vanessa Redgrave in the big budget production, which will start filming this June, and are expected to sign contracts in the next 10 days.
It is not yet known what characters Irons and Rhys Meyers are being lined-up to play in The Secret Scripture, but a source confirmed they will both take on prominent roles
The project, which has been in the pipeline for nearly two years, will be entirely shot in Ireland over the summer, with an Irish crew – giving a further boost to the film industry as well as the Irish economy.

Source - The Irish Independent

Another huge thankyou to the boys for posting this on SoundCloud for us all to hear in advance. The version that matters the most will be released tomorrow on iTunes and I’ve been informed that should the song do we will see a behind the scenes feature of Jonathan recording the song in London. To prove it has done well we need to tag ‘#SuzysField’ on Twitter but if you don’t have Twitter don’t worry just email me at the usual email address (jrhysmeyerssource[@]gmail.com) and I will add everyones proof of purchase to an album by taking a screen shot showing you have bought it. Enough of me rambling now, time to listen to the song on repeat!
Edit - the lyrics can be found here. Thanks to Ali for posting these for us

Yesterday Jonathan was spotted out at The Groucho Club in London. Big thanks to Angela for her help with getting the pictures :]

Candids > 2014 > Out at The Groucho Club [+4]

After attending Goldie Hawns Foundation party the day before Jonny was spotted out in London. 3 high quality pictures have been added to the gallery. Please remember to keep comments on topic!


Candids > 2014 > Out in London

Since it is rather quiet right now and the site hasn’t been updated apart from a few fan pictures I have added another 43 pictures to the gallery of Jonny out shopping in London last year and have also replaced some of the MQ versions. Big thanks to Nicole for helping me out


Candids > 2013 > Shopping in London [+43]


On Wednesday Jonny was spotted out and about London with Russian model and TV presenter Marinika Smirnova. HQ pictures can be found in the gallery.
P.S Don’t remove the bottom tag, I had quite the time trying to get these hence why they are tagged twice

Candids > 2014 > Out and About in London [+30]

I just want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for your support towards myself and the site but most important of all to Jonny, your support is as always second to none. All in all I think it has been a wonderful year and I’m sure 2014 will hold bigger and better things for Jonny and I can’t wait to see what it brings but one things for sure, things can only get even better. I’m sure the highlight of this year for everyone was without a doubt when Dracula began filming and Jonny being back doing what he does best and gracing us with his presence on the big screen in The Mortal Instruments and now every week in Dracula, but for me it has to be when he received the sites birthday project for him. I will never ever forget that moment and will be forever grateful to him for letting us know he had got his gifts. Every now and then I still have to pinch myself 5 months later to make sure it was actually real and that it really did happen. Your support towards the site has been more than incredible this year and I can’t put it into words really. The site wouldn’t be where it is without the main man and you wonderful lot, I’m simply a cog in the wheel that keeps things ticking over and making this site the best it possibly can be. I’m going to bow out for this year with some stats that you can find below for those who are interested, thankyou guys, each and every single one of you. Here’s to another wonderful and successful year, see you in 2014 where I will be bringing you lots of ‘new’ old shoots in HQ

- Helen x

Yesterday Jonny attended Lady Gagas concert at the private Annabels club in London. 31 HQ pictures from the event have been added to our gallery. I think you’ll all agree it’s been lovely to see Jonny out and about these past few weeks


Candids > 2013 > Leaving Lady Gagas concert at Annabels Club [+30]
Public Appearances > 2013 > Lady Gagas concert at Annabels Club  [+1]

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