Well Jonny was a busy bee today and we have 5 new photos of him with fans and some of those were even lucky enough to find him on the set of Dracula. All of the pictures have been added to the gallery along with some others from different days. Thankyou to everyone who shared these with us!

Fan Encounters in 2013 [+8]

Thanks to aifricp and behimbeert on Instagram we now have some lovely new pictures of Jonny out celebrating St Patricks Day in Budapest with fellow cast member Victoria Smurfit who also happens to be Irish. The full sized pictures have been added to the gallery.


Thanks to Marina on Twitter we have 4 new pictures of Jonathan arriving in Moscow only a matter of hours ago. You can check them out in our gallery :]


Jonny is in Toronto! He was seen earlier by someone for definite this time in the Bay and Balmuto area, hopefully we will get a few pictures soon!

We’ve seen lots of photos from over the past few days showing Jonny back in Waterford and he looks absolutely amazing, as always. Follow our Twitter and Facebook for updates as we get them. Here’s one of the photos taken yesterday :]