December 2nd, 2012

Well, it’s all change at JRM Source! We have had 2 gorgeous new themes made for our home page and gallery using Jonathans 2005 photoshoot with Diego Uchitel that have been designed by the very talented Flor @ and Michelle @ I promise the home one will be staying up longer than our previous ones as I cannot afford to be buying anymore new themes! If I mention a new theme you all have permission to slap my wrists. If you notice any problems or broken links comment on this post. Please note that we are still working on adding new things so it will be a bit all over the place especially over the next few days. Hope you like our new look just as much as we do!


  • Dec 02, 12Vera says:  

    Aww I love them!!! Very nice work from both designers 😀 it’s refreshing from the dark one you had before :p

  • Dec 02, 12Annette says:  

    LOVE IT <3, its so Preeeeeeetttttttyyyyy

  • Dec 02, 12annisa says:  

    WOW! i love it. great design. and it makes me melted.

  • Dec 02, 12Sara says:  

    Loving the style and soft vibe from this new look! Gosh you must put so much effort in – well done you!

  • Dec 02, 12Chesstin says:  

    Oh brilliant new layout! Love the colours and the blending <3 Well done.

  • Dec 03, 12Barbara says:  

    it is so awsome Love it Love it Thanks

  • Dec 04, 12Lotta says:  

    This site is quite lovely…well done indeed.

    I would LOVE to see JRM have the 007 role in the next James Bond film!

    I think he’s well suited to play that character – – – I’m juss sayin 😉

  • Dec 04, 12Sunflower says:  

    Oh brilliant new layout

  • Dec 04, 12Natasha says:  


  • Dec 05, 12Shanti says:  

    Congratulations Helen, your site is really beautiful.

  • Dec 05, 12Helen says:  

    Thankyou everyone 🙂

  • Dec 06, 12Elaine says:  

    Helen, this is awesome. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  • Dec 07, 12Miranda says:  

    I love it so much! Well done.

  • Dec 09, 12Trufy says:  

    Very nice site Helen. I really enjoyed all the pictures .

  • Dec 14, 12Clauda says:  

    Helen, what a wonderful layout ! There is so much love in it.
    Thank you for your great job!

  • Jan 20, 13Nadezhda says:  

    Thank you very much!!! Excellent photoes!.. I love it. 🙂 <3

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