November 6th, 2012

I have just heard from a source on Twitter than Jonny and Natalia are meant to be attending the BDS World Premiere which is to be held in Moscow on November 29th. Once I know more and know for certain Jonny is attending I will let you know!


  • Nov 06, 12Shanti says:  

    So it’s not a miniseries presentation. Or is it? I’m a little confused about this. Also, Jonny is going to have a busy schedule, with his projects ahead. Anyway, it will be wonderful to see him in a presentation like this, tv or movie premiere.

  • Nov 06, 12Monika says:  

    I think the production company is marketing it as BOTH a miniseries and movie; I suspect that in Russia, it is being sold as a movie. However, elsewhere, they are trying to sell it as a miniseries because it plays better that way. (…having been reduced from a 924 page novel…)

    Just wish we would hear already that it has been bought—

  • Nov 06, 12Helen says:  

    Yes you’re right Monika. All I know is so far that they are or were in talks with a British distributor to release it as a film here [UK] but not sure about anywhere else. I’d love to see both the film and TV mini series :]

  • Nov 08, 12Monika says:  

    Just heard that Natalia and JRM will be in Moscow for the World Premiere next week, and that the film will be released in Russia on November 29th. France will happen in March.

  • Nov 08, 12Helen says:  

    Yes I heard that too Monika, apparently Natalia hinted that on her Facebook account. I cannot wait!

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