August 25th, 2011

It looks as though ‘Belle Du Seigneur’ directed by Glenio Bonder is starting to be promoted before it’s release sometime in 2012. Jonathan isn’t mentioned much within the article but there are some lovely film stills to look at thanks to Grazia magazine.

Source: Grazia


  • Aug 26, 11t3r3 says:  

    ey i cant see this article.but congratulations jrm. albert nobbs premiere first no?

  • Aug 28, 11dro says:  

    can’t wait for new picsc with him

  • Aug 28, 11Helen says:  

    @ t3r3 you will be able to see the article if you click on the word grazia which is just after the word source 🙂

  • Sep 01, 11Chapman says:  

    Belle is beautiful but JRM is beyond gorgeous–classically made and exquisite.

  • Sep 23, 11Rabia says:  

    I would love to see Johnny on screen once again

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