November 16th, 2012

Thanks to we are now able to watch the full 34 minute press conference that Jonathan attended on the 15th November.


  • Nov 16, 12estelle says:  

    really beautiful! what a beautiful voice, I love, what they say (sad not understand English)

  • Nov 17, 12natasha says:  

    Love this interview especially the little smirk/giggle when talking about the ‘intermit’scenes.

  • Nov 17, 12Monika says:  

    I found Jonny’s words about Glenio Bonder to be very moving; his thoughts about Glenio are the same as my own, and so I am very impatient to see BdS.

    I wish that distributors would be open to screening 3 hour movies again — like The Sound of Music, Nicholas and Alexandra, Laurence of Arabia, and many other classics of the cinema. How difficult it is nowadays to tell a complex story on film!

    It was great to read the positive comments on the French blog from people who saw a pre-screening of BdS in Paris this summer. Someone who was a huge fan of the book wrote that Jonathan *was* Solal — that he has his beauty and spirit, and is perfectly cast.

    Thank you so much Helen for posting these links to the press conference, and thank you so much Anonymous Russian JRM fan for supplying them; they are very interesting, and a great gift.

  • Nov 17, 12Helen says:  

    I love it I think Jonny is just great. My favourite part is where he giggles at one of Natalias answers and she nudges him and says ‘What would you say?’ Haha :]

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